02 March 2010


AIR,ETHER,BREATH,Spirit of the Wind,The mystery of the unknown,The Beginning and End.
The Fool is air..emptiness but also potential purity..He is the bridge between Order and Chaos..His Archetype is the Trickster.
He is a Joker, a Dancer, a Traveller...He is Creation and Evolution..He represents the Cycles of Life and Nature..He is apart from the others..Unpredictable
He wears a hat, a crown symbolic of a golden halo..Illumination from above.
He brings light and energy..Le Fou...Fire.He is colorful..circus people, gypsies are colorful and have knowledge of Tarot... The Tarot was designed to preserve Ancient Wisdom (Refer to the Library at Alexandria in Egypt).
The Fool rushes in where angels fear to tread, he combines wisdom, madness and folly.
What appears as a precipice from afar can be a small gully up close..
Not everything is as it seems or appears to be..Transformation and change is here.
In this Tarot card alongside the Fool lies the Crocodile which was revered by the Ancient Egyptians as a God - Sebek..Tremendous potency and strength and of unknown origins.The Fool plays on his flute and breathes air into it, he has no fear..
This card can signify dramatic changes, re-birth, the beginning of something new, something unexpected, risk and surprise.. All is Illusion.
Meditation on the Fool will take us to the level of God, the moment of Divine Consciousness...The Zero..Everything that IS WAS and everything that WAS IS.
(Card Illustration by Maxwell Miller)


This is the first in my series of lessons into the World of the Wisdom of the Ancients which took me on a different path in my life, a path of more in depth understanding of the mysteries we encounter in our lives.
My path began at the pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt in 1985, whilst sitting there all alone one night in preparation for the Evening Spectacular of the Son et Lumiere show held there regularly for tourists. I sat alone, smoking a cigarette and feeling very at peace with the world and myself,I had been to Greece and visited the Temple of Apollo at Delphi where ancient peoples consulted with the Oracle there..I travelled the seas and visited the beautiful islands of Greece and saw the wonders around Athens..Without realising it I had started a sort of pilgrimage for myself..I travelled alone and kept to myself during my travels..and on this evening I also kept away from the people who had already arrived and were settling behind me. I wanted nothing between me and those mysterious pyramids that had drawn me so close to them, they felt magnetic...I looked at the sands that spread about them and shifted in the evening breeze as the winds played with them..I breathed in the clear dry air of that night, that air so clean and imbued with so much history and mystery..
It only took a split second...
Suddenly and totally unexpectedly, I was transported, transfixed in the shape of the Great Pyramid, it appeared as a Golden Road leading into the heavens above, it drew me along it and upwards and I felt like I wanted to keep going and reach the end of that golden road. My desire to get there was enormous.
I was reaching for that distant golden point in the distance in the heavens but couldn't reach it when I heard a Deep, Resonant, Clear Voice in my head saying..
It's not time to go all the way yet, do not worry about what is at the end of the Golden Path, return and live each day as it comes to you one day you will come this way when it is time...
I don't know how long this took, but when I came back to my senses and pinched myself to make sure I was still alive and in the same place I was when I was transported away, I felt a shaking all over my body and wanted to cry and did for quite a while.
I felt as though I'd left my body and then gone back to it..I didn't want to go back to it, I wanted to follow that Golden road..it drew me to a beautiful place but only tempted me with a vision of what is there but as yet unattainable..
It was painful, I really wanted to go back there, it was such a special place, nothing at all like what we know here on earth..that voice I will never forget.
I moved very slowly after that and remember none of the Son et Lumiere show that I had come to see...When I went to meet the guides from the hotel who brought me there, they looked at me strangely and asked if everything was ok because I looked 'different' my eyes looked different, my face looked different...
I didn't answer...there were no words to explain how I felt, how I had changed,how I now felt and how I now saw the world..I believe now that what I had been initiated into was an Enlightenment, a special gift which then I couldn't explain or understand, but it made me question many things.
The message was brief and resonated in my ears for years to come, but it was not only that, it was what had happened inside me, it was how I felt and now saw things.
I questioned and studied for years after that and many explanations were offered, but none of them satisfied me so I had to continue to question..
My studies took me into history books and all types of books..I learnt about Shamans, Gurus, Priests, Religions, Psychics, Buddha, Egyptology, Gnosis and so so much more.
I became more interested in the origins of Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Templars and then delved more in depth with the TAROT...
All this study opened my mind even more and I followed the trail...I still follow it.
The feeling I was given at the pyramids has never left me, nor do I want it to as it confirms in me that there are powers outside of ourselves that we cannot see and we are limited in our understanding because we are human.
It gives me trust in my everyday life that really all will be as it needs to be and since then I have tried to give this gift of inner peace to others as well through my Psychic and Tarot work...I hope that I have succeeded in helping some people along the way to be more at peace within their lives.
I strive to do my best in all I do and try to serve others for my time here on earth.
I live and love in peace.....


Namaste !

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