29 June 2010


HATHOR - Venus - Daleth - Silver
She precedes the Emperor...Ruler of Men.
The number THREE..number of synthesis, harmony and adaptation to the natural environment around us.
She represents SALT, the inactive principle of nature...
It's time for facing up to practicalities and creating a basis for growth..marriage..childbirth..a fruitful harvest.
The Great Mother and her offspring..continuity of life and the inheritance of Blood uniting all forms of nature..Material strength, selfless and giving. Love and beauty, Fruitfulness, Graciousness, Gentleness.
DALETH - The Door (Gateway to Heaven)..
Simplicity and purity..She represents a woman with an Imperial Crown seated on a throne and yet naturally attuned to nature.
Feminine passive power..Adaptability, warm and compassionate.
Birth, Proliferation and procreation.
The symbol of Christianity can be likened to the Virgin Mary as a persona here also..
The Priestess - Before the birth of Christ
The Empress - After giving birth to Christ
A person with deep psychological insight, forthright and secure..
She is closely aligned to the High Priestess for advice and guidance, this is a necessity for the Empress as without it she can plunge into her lower anima..
A woman of power who shapes her own destiny, capable of resolving conflicts.
A good intelligent communicator with feeling and clarity of mind, creative and artistic..A lover, mother, leader, guide.
(Card Image by Frieda Harris - Thoth deck )

27 June 2010


SPIRITUAL ISIS... The Moon, Gimel
This card represents the General Feminine Symbol, the deepest part of ourselves and governing planet, the Moon..Our emotional world and how we feel about ourselves.
GIMEL, is the Camel...the link between the Archetypal and Formative worlds.
This card is wholly feminine, virginal..it represents the influence and the means of Manifestation...A symbol of the Highest Initiation.
Her path makes a direct connection between the Father in His Highest aspect and the Son in his most perfect manifestation.
ISIS, the eternal virgin and a virgin Artemis of the Greeks.
She represents the purest manifestation of female intuitive consciousness and all its aspects..Dreams-Memory-Telepathy-Clairvoyance-Fantasies-Thoughts-Feelings.
The duality of opposites hidden in the subconscious.
Increase, Decrease, Fluctuation..Psychic force and Spiritual wisdom.
the internal Spiritual Evolution..That which is transmitted by waves..Wave forms,
WATER and the MOON.
Predominance of female wisdom with male knowledge respectively.
When Isis and the Virgin Mary are compared together...Godesses
The veil is significant - For Initiation, Light is regarded as the Veil which hides the Spirit - Luminous Veil of Light..(I would apply this also to enlightenment - the state of being instructed, enlightened)
She is light and the body of light, the truth behind the veil of light, the soul of light..She is Huntress and hunts by Enchantment.
Card interpretation would be - Focus on stabilising the inner world, pay attention to dreams and let intuition be the guide, keep balance and don't rock the boat.
Time for Meditation will bring revelations and rewards.
(Card illustration by Frieda Harris - Book of Thoth - Aleister Crowley)

DUST DEVILS (Book of Lies) Falsely called...

In the wind of the mind arises the turbulence called I.
It breaks...Down shower the barren thoughts.
All life is choked.
This desert is the Abyss wherein is the Universe.
The stars are but thistles in that waste.
Yet this desert is but ONE spot accursed in a world of Bliss.
Now and again travellers cross the desert.
They come from the Great Sea and to the Great Sea they go.
And as they go they spill water....
One day they will irrigate the desert, till it flower.
See ! Five footprints of a Camel !
V . V . V . V . V

24 June 2010


The card of the Magician..The Juggler..Le Bateleur..Il Mago..Mercury..Beth
The messenger of God - Creative Force in Action.
A strong card in the Tarot Major Arcana..It represents..A knowing on a deep level maybe not conciously..almost like a sixth sense..The word of creation whose speech is silence..It stands for Skills, wisdom, Potentials available, Intuition, Power and Opportunities unfolding...Inner guidance prompts Development and Fulfillment to one's true potential. It is Action in all forms and stages.
The Magician is the fluid basis of all transmission of activity, he is that electric charge which is the first manifestation (Number 1).
He juggles with the Four Symbols of the elements..He controls them..the Four elements of the Tarot..The Wands..The Cups..The Swords and the Discs.
The GNOSTICS would have related him to the first electric charge, the first manifestation of the ring of the ten indefinable ideas, a "Chain of Ten Aeons".
He is THOTH in the EGYPTIAN Tradition - Ibis - Concentration.
He is in a position of enlightenment, the great circle of the self..His energy passes down to earth from a higher level.
He is Mercury and in GREEK Mythology the parallel of Mercury was HERMES,the agent of Divine Will..
The Magician has vision.His influence is felt when we feel that all life is interconnected and existence is holistically linked.
SHAMEN call this the WEB OF POWER which touches all aspects of our lives but we are really not aware of it.
The Magician appearing in a reading should make us aware of our Communication, Skills and Creative Imagination.
(Card Illustration by Frieda Harris for Aleister Crowley's Thoth Deck).

23 June 2010


Have been really busy setting up the Bazaar for the past two months...
Now looking forward to settling back into reading for people again...
Timing is everything !!!
Wouldn't you agree ???


Namaste !

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