26 July 2010


A TAROT READING is like being introduced to 78 people, all with different characteristics, views, ideas and personalities. They are being introduced to you to give you guidance along your path in life.
It is up to the READER to communicate with the QUERENT, the one who has requested the reading to interpret in the best possible way what each card represents and hence help the enquirer to think about this card in relation to their own life in the past, present and future, to form their own opinion as to what the message is for them therein and how to best use this interpretation to benefit their current situation.
Generally people want answers to their Love Life, their Work Situations, their Financial Status and their Health and Families and Friends.
They question what is around them and how to get the best out of their life.
The consultation with the Tarot cards often opens up channels of thought that they may not have considered until then and gives them insight and possible paths to follow always being the decider themselves as how to best live their lives.
The Reader should guide the questioner in this way...a path to resolving and understanding of their problems, mistakes, successes, events and people around them and make them think about which way is the best way for them to follow so they can continue to live a peaceful, happy and balanced life.

24 July 2010


TS-TZ come from the original form of Language and found also today in words such as Caesar, Czar, Senate, Senior, Signor.
This card represents Dignity and Integrity, Government..A Crowned Male Figure.
Aries the Ram tamed by authority.The posture typifies SULPHUR, the fiery element of the Universe, the swift creative energy, the initiative of all being, the RAJAS of Hindu philosophy...Paternal Power - Government established. Stability, Conquest, Victory, Power, Ambition, Energy. Sulphur is also a symbol of domination of spirit over matter, hence the significance..The material world ordered by Spirit.
The symbol of Sulphur is the Triangle over the Cross, the TRIANGLE stands for Will, Male Energy, Manipura Chakra. The CROSS written like a four = Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and altruism.....The combination of the two, shows strength of will coupled with a very humane approach to the establishment of structure.
Number FOUR - A number of New Beginnings but independant of all that has gone before.
This card signifies Creation by Power and own Will without weapons..there is a shield of protection..Four sides to a building give stable structures in construction.
The EMPEROR has laid the foundations for further building. A highly motivated passionate nature, fully disciplined, educated, physically active, sensitive to beauty, a leader through example and having personal mastery.
This card in a reading reminds us of AUTHORITY, RESPONSABILTY and ACTION
(Artist Frieda Harris - Bibliography Book of Thoth)

07 July 2010


Let us all please pray for World Peace and the Strengthening of World Economies so that poverty can be overcome and ALL peoples have enough Food and Water.
Let us all also pray for the Future of our children so that they may be safe and happy.
Let us all pray for Wisdom for our World leaders that they may rule Fairly.
Let us pray for our Religious leaders that they may be able to inspire peace and loving in their communities between themselves and peace and loving between other religions.
Let us pray for our homelands that they remain safe and free of wars.
Let us pray that humankind remain understanding and tolerant of each other's differences and learn to live with one another lovingly.
let us pray for loving within our own families at home.

LET US PRAY !!!!!!!!!


Namaste !

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