02 February 2018

AURANA February 2018 Newsletter

Hi Again.. It's February already.. So fast this year.. FREE CRYSTAL with every one hour READING with me on OFFER until end Feb.2018.. Book in quickly as it is a short month... Your crystal will be chosen according to what your Reading reveals that you may need at that time... Remember Crystals are healing stones to be treasured.. We have come so far in a short time already in 2018... An ELEVEN YEAR / 2018 adds up to 11 in case you are wondering where we get this from and it is known as a Year of New Beginnings and a Fantastic year for really setting the intentions for what you would like for the rest of your life... Numerologicaly it is a MASTER Number ... Expect enlightenment and learning... In the TAROT it is the card of JUSTICE .. Decisions will be made this year also so be aware of what you wish for and set in motion as you may be stuck with it for a long time... SUPER, BLUE and BLOOD MOON just passed in January and wasn't it AMAZING !!! When you come to see me remember to ask for a sniff and sample of the delicious Essential Oils I'm now working with... It is truly a pleasure to be working Spiritually and Physically with these oils and I am incorporating them into Special Healing Massages for you... I never forget our Birthdays, so Happy Birthday February Babes... Enjoy the AMETHYST around you this month and if you don't have any either to wear or have around the house.. Go for it !! Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

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