07 December 2012


GEMATRIA ...The Ancient Egyptian Art of Numerology.. A Science of Numbers wound through the Principles of Personality.. The Body..The Mind..The Spirit..The Soul..the At Heart..Consciousness and The Force.. Your Personal Chart will give you your Life Numbers and Colours.. It will show you your connection with the Universe and with others around you.. It will give you a Deeper Understanding of yourself and others around you.. It will give you the Positives and Negatives about yourself.. Making for a very satisfactory and conclusive study to assist you in........ KNOWING YOURSELF... ~ AURANA ~ now practising and preparing charts for clients.. Contact Tel: 0400900069 to have yours Read and prepared..


Compliments of the Season to you all...May you enjoy your Holidays if having them and enjoy your work if you are working through the Season... I will be on board as usual with the exception of Christmas Day and if you would like a reading just give me a call...Phone readings or face-to-face...If I don't answer means I am busy so please leave a message and I will return your call asap... Blessings.... Aurana

08 November 2012


It is finally happening...I am ready to teach again... For those of you interested in having an Art Class with me please contact me for details on Tel: 0400900069 or email me at aurana@ymail.com the venue will be in Carrara, Queensland. Commitment will be for Eight weeks on Saturday afternoons... This will be a FUN class and entry is at all levels even if you have never ever painted or drawn before... Students will need to supply their own materials..

05 November 2012


For those of you who would really like to have some FUN....Maybe have never ever painted or drawn before...give me a call for more information.. I am working towards WEEKLY CLASSES for next year 2013 or sooner if possible.. I have a background in Art, having had a small Gallery in Carlton, Melbourne Victoria for five years and have sold a lot of my work internationally also.. I have taught for the C.A.E. Council of Adult Education for Eight Years, doing daily workshops and eight week courses for their students in the field of Collage/Decoupage to a finished product..I also work with other mediums such as Watercolour, Pen & Ink, and Charcoal and Pencil drawings.. You can see some of my works on www.etsy.com/paintnpaper and also on www.decoupageasart.blogspot.com

04 November 2012

NOVEMBER 4th 2012 AURANA NEWSLETTER.. Namaste everyone !! Greetings to all my new clients this month.. Firstly, REIKI reminder...many of you need it this month as we have discussed.. Please call me for an appointment and if you can't reach me please text me and I will call you back as soon as I am free to do so. Secondly, a reminder that if it is about SIX MONTHS since your last reading, you are due for another...If you have already had an hour with me you can book for Half an Hour just to freshen up on issues around you currently. Thirdly, 3 CARD READING answer to ONE Question by email is ongoing at $25 direct deposit into Aurana Account..has been proving successful for those using this service..maybe you can try it if you haven't yet. And, Last but not least CHRISTMAS is only EIGHT Weeks away... GIFT VOUCHERS can be arranged over the phone with Credit Card details ready and posted for you to whoever you would like to Gift a READING or REIKI session to..to arrive the week before Christmas to recipient. Blessings, Love and Light Aurana

11 October 2012

11th October 2012 REIKI HEALINGS

REMINDER to ALL about my REIKI HEALINGS... My clients are so enjoying receiving Reiki this month, I thought I would share this with you... If you need you are in need of Balance and feel "Out of Sorts" not really knowing what is wrong...Call me on 0400900069 to make an appointment... Sessions are 45 Mins and I ask you to allow an Hour as I always give you that extra time for complete relaxation after treatment and maybe a short snooze... It is such a satisfying experience and if you haven't tried it before, give it a go !! Blessings Aurana

04 October 2012


WELCOME to all my New Clients from Living Social Deals... I am having fun meeting you all and Reading for you all.. Please keep in mind I am doing these Readings for Advertising and you are getting $120 worth of Reading with your Vouchers... I am asking that if you are happy with your Reading to please send me some more clients as Voucher Readings do not pay bills for me.. I also recommend a follow up Reading within SIX MONTHS to see how your life is progressing into the future and that you are getting the best out of it that you can.. READINGS give GUIDANCE and help you follow a path to BETTER your lives... NAMASTE !! Blessings Aurana

01 September 2012


SPRING is here....and ...have you all noticed the HUGE FULL MOON we have had over the Gold Coast this week...Blue Moon this one... Maybe bring a bit of uncertainty in your affairs and some confusion in making decisions this week...Don't worry it will soon be over... I have been planting in my vegetable patch this week..planting by the moon...Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Eggplant and Cucumbers... WELCOME to all my new clients that are coming in from LIVING SOCIAL.... Namaste and Blessings !! Looking forward to Reading for you soon...If you are having trouble getting through on the phone, I am not surprised, it has been running HOT..HOT..HOT... To quicken the process, TEXT me your Voucher Number and Redemption Code and I will get back to you within 48 hours usually with an appointment time...if not suitable we can look at another time that will suit you... Be patient as there are many people wanting a Reading "NOW"...this is not possible as I can only see so many in one day so that you do get a proper informative and genuine Reading for yourselves..... Love and Light to you all.....

15 August 2012

FACEBOOK "Aurana Psychic and Tarot Readings" page

Hi Everyone... Namaste !! I Love my work and how it helps the people who come to me for Readings and Healings ... Facebook page is almost at "1,000 Likes" and growing strong... Thankyou all for supporting me ... It is updated almost daily with so much interesting information on anything Spiritual, Esoteric and Psychic Phenomena...I follow Ancient Egypt and current day Egypt because my Spirit Guides are from there.. Direct connection through the great Pyramid at Giza.. I also post very many beautiful INSPIRATIONAL Messages which are shared by many on Facebook.....PHOTOS of beautiful and peaceful places that come through are also shared. There is a link to the Facebook Page on the Left hand side of this Blog... To get updated on Facebook go in and click on "LIKE"

08 August 2012


A lot of people ringing and asking about prices for READINGS.. For the rest of 2012... ONE HOUR IS $120 HALF HOUR FOLLOW UP IS $70 Please call AURANA on Tel : 0400900069 for an Appointment Face to Face Readings on Chevron Island, Gold Coast, Australia * Please note that other services such as Skype or Phone Readings are different.. We are currently concentrating on Face to face Readings so if you need Skype or Phone Readings, please call for prices and times... Namaste

25 July 2012


This OFFER will be ongoing until Prices increase next year... ONE QUESTION ANSWERED ..THREE TAROT CARD SPREAD.. Personal and individual Reading by a LIVE Psychic.. Contact AURANA on aurana@ymail.com for banking details to deposit $25 by direct deposit and she will respond.. Send ONE QUESTION of maximum ten words together with confirmation of deposit of $25.. You will receive a TAROT READING for Guidance consisting of a THREE CARD SPREAD with explanation and an answer to your question...generally within 48 hrs. VALID ONLY WITHIN AUSTRALIA..
For International enquiries Skype is available..please contact AURANA at aurana@ymail.com for prices for Readings..

25 July 2012 Newsletter PROMO

Hi Everyone, PROMO for this month until the end of August 2012 or until sold out...so get in quickly and BOOK A ONE HOUR READING with AURANA for $120 and receive a FREE Set of CRYSTAL MAGNETS as in the photo displayed... New address is now Studio 4 / 42 Thomas Dve. Chevron Island. Gold Coast Qld. CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT : 0400900069

22 June 2012


Hi Everyone, I send a monthly Newsletter out with Promotions and Specials and Freebies sometimes... depending on availability... If you would like to receive my Newsletters and are not already on my Email Mail Out List...Please contact me at aurana@ymail.com with a request to be added.. This month's Newsletter Offers... FREE SET OF CRYSTAL MAGNETS with any Booking for a Tarot Reading of One Hour for $120 during the months of JULY/AUGUST when you mention this notification... Also...New premises now working.. Suite 4 Upstairs / 42 Thomas Dve. Chevron island... By Appointment... Please call 0400900069 to book in.. Namaste !!

21 June 2012

TRANSFERENCE happening this week 21.06.2012

Hello Everyone.... Transference is happening this week...I am already working from the new premises at Suite 4 Upstairs / 42 Thomas Dve. Chevron Island.. Call me on 0400900069 for an appointment....Shelving and stock will arrive next week... Massage Table in Situ and Ready for Reiki and Healing Sessions... Very excited at the new prospect and Sooooo looking forward to finally working with my favourite tools CRYSTALS !!!! Crystal Healing will feature in a BIG way in this Studio.... Namaste !!!

29 May 2012

MAY 2012 ...Change of Address to 4/42 Thomas Dve Chevron Island Upstairs..same Tel: 0400900069

Hello Everyone, As of July 1st 2012 I am moving my workplace from shop AURANA BAZAAR at 54 Thomas Drive Chevron Island to simply AURANA at Studio 4 / Upstairs 42 Thomas Drive Chevron Island.. Only a few doors away towards the beach and Surfers Paradise Upstairs.. Exciting changes as it is freeing me up to concentrate more on my Spiritual work. I will be expanding my Readings Appointments and Space Clearing work.. introducing more Reiki and Crystal Healing as I will have a massage table in the studio, some product for sale consisting of the usual Oils, Incense Censers and Smudging sticks.... More and More Crystals and Stg. Silver with Crystal wearable pieces and Amulets... If you would like to be included in the monthly Newsletter emailed regularly to clients, please send me a line to aurana@ymail.com.. For now Namaste...Blessings, Love and Light AURANA

13 March 2012

Meditation with Singing Bowls

Click on the Heading to go into a wonderful Video of the use of the
Tibetan Singing Bowls...

March 2012....Tibetan Singing BowlsT

TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS......Used for Chanting...Meditating....Singing...
Different sizes in store from Small to Large...Different weights..
BRASS Plain and also decorated...

10 February 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all....
For my new cleints...WELCOME to the world of AURANA...
Emails have been sent to those of you who have left your address...
If you would like to be included and updated monthly, please contact me and leave me your email address to be put on the list...
LOYALTY CARDS are working well for people giving them a FREE Reading when they reach TEN Credits..
Send your friends to get more credits..

Valentines's Day is for giving to Loved ones...come and see the many gifts available..

Namaste !


09 January 2012

January 2012

HAPPY 2012 to everyone....
This is a quick note to keep in touch until I send out my monthly Newsletter...
2012...The Year of the Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology.
Commencing around the 4th of February 2012.
Industries affected by Water will have big changes this year..eg Banking Industry, Fisheries and Wildlife in the Water areas and even ourselves personally, after all we are 90% water.
The Dragon signifies strength and can be either friendly or fire breathing...
Check your Chinese Astrological sign against the 2012 Water Dragon for more insight.


Namaste !

I would love to meet you to do a Reading for you either Face to Face on the Gold Coast of Australia, on Skype or via Email.
I am a professional Tarot Reader of many years now and many people have gained deep insight for themselves through Readings.

I hold a Masters Degree of Metaphysics with the University of Metaphysics in Sedona and love my Healing and Spiritual work which gives many people relief and guidance with problems in their lives.

TO CONTACT ME EMAIL aurana@ymail.com
OR Ph: +61 0400900069 for an APPOINTMENT...

Ornella Michelini M.Msc.