From the desk of Dr.Ornella Michelini Ph.D.
"I am a HOLISTIC LIFE COUNSELOR and a MYSTIC..... A METAPHYSICAL PRACTITIONER and A MEDITATION FACILITATOR and TEACHER .... A REIKI MASTER ..... A HEALER through the Rites of the MUNAY-KI and also an EGYPTIAN SHAMANIC HEALER .... I have done much study on ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MAGIC and walked through the Temples in Egypt studying the philosophy behind it all ....A TAROT PROFESSIONAL of many years .... I discovered I was PSYCHIC early on in life".....

A session with me as a Holistic Life Counselor can include Spiritual Healing and guidance for Physical Healing and a Tarot Card Insight Reading. This helps you to see where you are at and what you should do to implement changes within your life in the areas of Work, Money, Relationships generally and your more personal Love life. Further suggestions as to how to heal yourself with Meditation, Aromatherapy with Essential Oils and Chakra Clearing with Massage are offered.

... I would love to meet you to do a Reading for you Face to Face on the Gold Coast of Australia, on Phone, via Email or SKPYE Internationally.
Many people have gained deep insight for themselves through Readings, and so can YOU ! ..... I'm Glad You Found Me !
I help many people look at what options they have in order to resolve issues in order to release any burdens they feel too heavy to carry... I help people find answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems.

I hold a Doctorate /Ph.D. specialising in Holistic Life Counseling from University of Sedona and a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences with the University of Metaphysics also in Sedona U.S.A. and love my Healing and Spiritual work which gives many people the courage they need to resolve issues and problems that cover many aspects of their lives. I am also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister with the I.M.M. (International Metaphysical Ministry) and love to introduce Spirituality in all its forms to those who question and desire to learn.

MEDITATION and helping people go within comes naturally to me, and training people to connect their inner self with Spirit and the Universal Mind is a Major part of my work as a HEALER and METAPHYSICAL MASTER ...

As a REIKI MASTER I teach courses on REIKI I - II to MASTER levels for students who wish to learn and practice.

As a WORKSHOP FACILITATOR and TEACHER of METAPHYSICAL SUBJECTS, I love to teach in depth about TAROT in its various mystical forms and allow students to enrich their lives through deeper understanding of the mysteries that lie within, so they can go forward and assist others through this medium also.

As a TOUR OPERATOR, I am currently putting together SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS to EGYPT and BALI, Indonesia in future... Visiting Spiritual Sites and Temples is always the main theme of my tours and very importantly having LOTS OF FUN !!


I have an online store on ETSY called AURANA BAZAAR which sells all sorts of interesting crystals, jewelry and other collectable and interesting things..

Namaste, Love and Light .....

EMAIL : aurana@ymail.com
Phone : +61 400 900 069
SKYPE : Aurana / Dr.Ornella Michelini

Dr.Ornella Michelini Ph.D.

03 April 2024

APRIL 2024 AURANA Newsletter

Hi Everyone, Welcome to APRIL where we will be having another Eclipse on the 8th after the last one in March 25th .. TWO very close together... The March eclipse brought heightened intuition and feelings so sensitivities may have come through more strongly than usual... The one on April 8th is going to be stronger and could interfere with Solar Powered grids.. Spiritually bringing darkness so be aware and stay HAPPY during these times... Eclipses can also bring unexpected shifts in relationships so go easy... Mercury is also going retrograde and can take you back to your past unexpectedly... Once again BE AWARE !! Mercury is retrograde from !st to 25th April in 2024... If things get too heavy for you, come for a READING and get clarity and direction... I am extending my SPECIAL PRICE READING throughout APRIL at $200 for a FULL ONE HOUR CONSULTATION.. just call for an appointment in Carrara still OR you can have Face to Face Facetime or Phone sessions... Same price will apply through APRIL 2024... HALF HOUR consults $150... APRIL BIRTHSTONES are Diamond, Crystal Quartz in rough and polished form and also the traditional gemstone to diamond the Herkimer Diamond.. Blessings, Love and Light for April ~ Aurana ~

29 February 2024


https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com ...............A GO-TO SITE for AURANA showing services and contact dteails

MARCH 2024 AURANA Newsletter

Hi All, March 2024 already in a LEAP YEAR... Take up the challenges ! Hope you are all doing well and have survived one of our hottest and most humid Summers on the Gold Coast and in other areas of Australia… YES, the planet is heating up… Climates are changing globally which will bring also other changes in vegetation, our food chains and more… SPIRITUALLY what will this mean ? More tolerance and patience will have to come with this as we ourselves grow and develop to meet the needs caused by change.. STRESS (Big Word) needs to be controlled and the best way to get through these times is to practice MEDITATION regularly… It should be in your daily routine, but many find that battling time schedules does not always allow this… IF you do nothing else to change your habits this month, please try to MEDITATE REGULARLY.. When it becomes part of your daily/weekly routine it will be easy, satisfying and beneficial for you .. I am always here by appointment if you need a Meditation Session, Tarot Reading etc.. Love and Light and Blessings ~ Aurana ~ Aquamarine the birthstone for March, is a stunning gemstone that embodies the serenity and tranquility of the ocean.

31 January 2024


Hi Everyone... Can you believe it is already February ??? BUDGET and PLANNING for the rest of 2024 would be a good idea because it seems many of us are NOT achieving what we set in our intentions for 2024...The pattern seems to shift and much is not in our control...This ranges from Finances (more expenses and charges) and generally life is getting more expensive, even food is "Over theTop" ... SOOoooooo... I am recommending you all take a step back and look at your budget for this year and do a balance to KNOW where you are now with it all.... This applies also to your SPIRITUAL LIFE and I would like you to also do a check on yourself with this too... Are you having enough time to relax and meditate ? Could it be a good idea to incorporate a "Favourite Hobby" into your life to "Slow you down"... Think on this and set a plan! IF you need guidance and assistance I am always here available for you for READINGS, HEALINGS and General COUNSELLING and all the other things I can do for you.. Check out my website https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com to see the range of services I offer... Blessings, Love and Light to you all... And, don't forget to use your CRYSTALS.. ~ Aurana ~

02 December 2023


Hi Everyone, Well it's that time of year again when we celebrate with friends, enjoy a big lunch or dinner together and celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of a new one in 2024... For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and if not I wish you all the VERY BEST for the coming SEASON and NEW YEAR... I have added a picture for you of a SPECIAL CRYSTAL called Cobaltoan Calcite (Pink) which sits on a Matrix of (Green) Malachite... A rare combination..... Cobaltoan Calcite is a nurturing and soothing crystal of love and joy. It fills the heart with love for others, supports self-love, heals inner-child wounds, and relieves anxiety and stress. A beautiful stone for Christmas for yourself for desktop / computer... It sits on Malachite which gives us energy healing, and Chakra balancing, Malachite crystal healing properties include regulating and drawing out the negative energies from the body. Regarding work, I will not be available from 24th to 31st December for Readings, Healings etc. BUT we start again with a BANG on January1st 2024... So if you wish to book a Reading for that day and anytime forward from then on, you can book ahead now to get in and find out what 2024 has in store for you. Still offering "GIFT READINGS" if you wish to surprise someone with this.. These are sent via a personalized email in a nice card setting. $150 will give you a 30 Minute Reading. Sending you LOVE and LIGHT and BLESSINGS for 2024 Emoji ~ Aurana~

05 October 2023


Hi Everyone... Been an interesting year to date, but wait for it... The BEST is YET TO COME.... "It is in the Midst of Change that We Discover Wings we Never Had" Think on this for a while and MEDITATE to see what comes to the fore..... CHANGE IS IMMINENT.... Every minute of every hour brings changes... Just look around you at Nature... It says it all !!! IF.. You feel stuck in a rut and cannot see your way out, come for a READING with me and let's CLARIFY what you NEED for CHANGES to HAPPEN... The CRYSTAL BIRTHSTONES are SAPPHIRE and OPAL... September was SAPPHIRE... October is OPAL or OPALITE... Also.... IF YOU LIKE ONLINE SHOPPING ... Go to my TWO shops on ETSY... BODYGLITZ and AURANA BAZAAR where you will find some AMAZING CRYSTAL PIECES and MORE to choose from... TREAT YOURSELF !!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bodyglitz http://www.etsy.com/shop/AuranaBazaar Blessings, Love and Light to you all... ~ Aurana ~

08 August 2023


TWO FULL MOONS this months in AUGUST 2023 In Australia, it'll be Wednesday, August 2 — that's the sturgeon moon. Then we'll get to see another full moon on Thursday, August 31 — that's the blue moon. They'll both be supermoons !! BIRTHSTONES for August are PERIDOT, SPINEL or SARDONYX .. Picture attached for desktops... As a Holistic Life Counselor, I am finding many changes within people since the Covid lockdowns... A lot of Depression, Regression and Withdrawal from life as we knew it previously... If you are feeling a bit lost and need DIRECTION again, may i offer my services to you and together we can work on finding YOUR DIRECTIONAL PATH again... Get you back to Positivity and find your "Happy Place" ... Maybe this needs work changes, family re-alignments, relationship balancing, or simply meditation and going within for a while to get you back on track... A bit "ABOUT ME" .. https://internationalmetaphysicalministry.com/ornella-michelini-ph-d/ ... Blessings, Love and Light Looking forward to seeing you soon... ~ Aurana ~



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