From the desk of Dr.Ornella Michelini Ph.D.
"I am a HOLISTIC LIFE COUNSELOR and a MYSTIC..... A METAPHYSICAL PRACTITIONER and A MEDITATION FACILITATOR and TEACHER .... A REIKI MASTER ..... A HEALER through the Rites of the MUNAY-KI and also an EGYPTIAN SHAMANIC HEALER .... I have done much study on ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MAGIC and walked through the Temples in Egypt studying the philosophy behind it all ....A TAROT PROFESSIONAL of many years .... I discovered I was PSYCHIC early on in life".....

A session with me as a Holistic Life Counselor can include Spiritual Healing and guidance for Physical Healing and a Tarot Card Insight Reading. This helps you to see where you are at and what you should do to implement changes within your life in the areas of Work, Money, Relationships generally and your more personal Love life. Further suggestions as to how to heal yourself with Meditation, Aromatherapy with Essential Oils and Chakra Clearing with Massage are offered.

... I would love to meet you to do a Reading for you Face to Face on the Gold Coast of Australia, on Phone, via Email or SKPYE Internationally.
Many people have gained deep insight for themselves through Readings, and so can YOU ! ..... I'm Glad You Found Me !
I help many people look at what options they have in order to resolve issues in order to release any burdens they feel too heavy to carry... I help people find answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems.

I hold a Doctorate /Ph.D. specialising in Holistic Life Counseling from University of Sedona and a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences with the University of Metaphysics also in Sedona U.S.A. and love my Healing and Spiritual work which gives many people the courage they need to resolve issues and problems that cover many aspects of their lives. I am also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister with the I.M.M. (International Metaphysical Ministry) and love to introduce Spirituality in all its forms to those who question and desire to learn.

MEDITATION and helping people go within comes naturally to me, and training people to connect their inner self with Spirit and the Universal Mind is a Major part of my work as a HEALER and METAPHYSICAL MASTER ...

As a REIKI MASTER I teach courses on REIKI I - II to MASTER levels for students who wish to learn and practice.

As a WORKSHOP FACILITATOR and TEACHER of METAPHYSICAL SUBJECTS, I love to teach in depth about TAROT in its various mystical forms and allow students to enrich their lives through deeper understanding of the mysteries that lie within, so they can go forward and assist others through this medium also.

As a TOUR OPERATOR, I am currently putting together SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS to EGYPT and BALI, Indonesia in future... Visiting Spiritual Sites and Temples is always the main theme of my tours and very importantly having LOTS OF FUN !!


I have an online store on ETSY called AURANA BAZAAR which sells all sorts of interesting crystals, jewelry and other collectable and interesting things..

Namaste, Love and Light .....

EMAIL : aurana@ymail.com
Phone : +61 400 900 069
SKYPE : Aurana / Dr.Ornella Michelini

Dr.Ornella Michelini Ph.D.

31 January 2023

2023 January / February AURANA Newsletter

Hi to you All... Today is our last day of January with February commencing tomorrow... As we already eat into 2023, Just a reminder to REVIEW your AFFIRMATIONS you set for this year... Keep track of your hopes and desires... It is so easy to get bogged down back at work and forget all those intentions you want to follow this year... Stay calm and clear, and Budget ahead as money seems to spread thinner for us all with costs rising as the year progresses... I am available by appointment as usual and have had an increase in REIKI requests which indicates people are more stressed than usual... Call and make a time for some HEALING if needed... TAROT CONSULTATIONS are always popular for clarity for any issues you would like to clarify for yourself... Have a Great 2023 and check CRYSTAL PICS for AMETHYST below which can be downloaded and used for desktops this month... ~~ Amethyst has Metaphysical and Healing Properties ~~ The February birthstone, purple quartz, is often referred to as the "master healer of gemstones" due to its capacity for healing... Blessings ~ Aurana ~

28 December 2022


MAY YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR'S EVE... May 2023 be your BEST YEAR EVER ... Blessings ~ Aurana ~ https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com
BLESSINGS of the SEASON to you all... May 2023 bring all you wish for and MORE !!! ~ Aurana ~ https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com

AURANA Newsletter DECEMBER 2022

Hi Everyone... Trust all is going well and you have safely got through the wave of COVID that has hit us along with any other disruptive happenings... Remember I am here to assist you through any issues you may have, just call for an appointment... Courses will resume in 2023 .. Here is the link to my website to see what is on offer... Prices will be re-set in January for these.. https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com/courses/ I am available by appointment for face to face work and some consultations can be done by Phone or Messenger or Zoom.. whichever suits you.. Blessings Love and Light for a great Festive Season ~ Aurana ~ https://auranaspiritualjourneys.com/ Crystals for December are Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite .. Enjoy the pics attached...

AURANA Newsletter NOVEMBER 2022

Hello again.. It's the beginning of November and here is your Newsletter from me... Many people struggling wit finances at present so here is my gift to you... BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, in Person or on Phone between 11 am to 4pm.. After these hours normal fees apply ... SPECIALS FOR THIS MONTH.. ** Only valid until 30 November 2022.. ~ TAROT READING 30 Mins $100 (Normally $150) ~ TAROT READING 1 Hour $180 (Normally $250) ~ REIKI SESSION 45 Mins $ 75 (Normally $ 95) Hope you are all doing well and are moving forward in your life... The CRYSTAL chosen for this month is CITRINE... Citrine is often called “The Merchant's Stone.” People believed that it would help accumulate wealth and success. According to lore, carrying citrine would attract love and prevent heartbreak. It was believed that it could instill confidence and healing in a person... Use it this month with confidence... You have a pic below to work with... Love and Light to you all... ~ Aurana ~

03 October 2022

AURANA Newsletter OCTOBER 2022

Hi Everyone, This year has flown and it's already October... Take some time to look back and reflect on what you have achieved so far this year and question yourself as to how it has met with your Intentions and Planning when you made your New' Year's resolution back then... NOT happening !! Well there is still time to do whatever is important !! RE-SET your sights for the next 3 months and get on with it... I am always available by appointment to counsel you and assist you and/or have a TAROT Reading when needed... Don't forget those wonderful Hands-On REIKI sessions which re-align your Chakras and Clean your Aura, and bring back balance into your body and mind... CRYSTALS to use for OCTOBER are the following.... OPAL - Believed to bring Luck, Health and Love when worn... TOURMALINE - Will put Protection around you to keep away any unwanted energies, and keep your Positivity at a higher level... Pics below for you... Birthday Blessings to all LIBRANS and SCORPIOS out there this month... May you have Many Happy Returns... ~ Aurana ~

06 September 2022


Hi Everyone... Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet... Even though I wonder about the seasons now... It is still cold on the Gold Coast of Australia when it should be warm... Oh well.. SO IT IS !!! As for "So It Is" ... Are you happy with your life at present ?? Do you need to re-group but not sure where or what to do ?? Are you having relationship problems and would like some insight and counselling ?? ~ Consider having a SESSION with me where we can look through the Tarot and through your issues in order to get clarity and some moves for you to resolve what needs to be resolved... Please call for a booking / or email here / or send me a text message... If I'm busy I will get back to you as soon as possible... I am working on Phone, Skype and Messenger or Face to Face in Carrara, Gold Coast.. ~ Consider also a REIKI session to re-align your chakras and remove any negative energies...For those of you who don't know about Reiki, it is a hands-on modality which sends positive healing energies throughout your body... With the scare of COVID over now, I am able to apply REIKI hands-on once again... ~ Also remember to ask me about a PACKAGE deal for the TWO together... September traditionally is associated with the CRYSTAL SAPPHIRE and these may come in a variety of colors... I'm attaching some Raw and Rough Sapphires for you this month... Remember that Blue Sapphire is linked to the Throat Chakra and can be used to enhance self-expression... Wear it this month especially if you need to VOICE your opinion on something that has been bothering you or if you are going for a job interview as it will help... Blessings to you all this month.. looking forward to seeing you again soon... Happy Birthday all VIRGOS... ~ Aurana ~



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