06 December 2013


Hello Again....Seems like these past twelve months have flown and we are again re-assessing the New Year ahead...Congratulations !!! You have made it through the ups and downs of 2013 and now planning positively for 2014...ENTHUSIASM will get you where you want to go !!! MEDITATION Classes are on hold until January but keeping to Wednesday at 6pm...Dates for commencement will come out in the January Newsletter...Try to program some SELF-TIME for 2014...Meditation is a wonderful tool for this...It brings enormous benefits in Health,Harmony, Self-Discipline and Self-Awareness...VERY NECESSARY if one wants to maintain Enthusiasm throughout 2014...So, try to incorporate it into your future...I ask for FIVE Week commitment when enrolling as my classes are designed to target CHAKRA RE-ALIGNMENT... READINGS for 2014...Prices are increasing, so I am giving you all a CHRISTMAS GIFT... Any readings booked before the end of the year I am offering ONE HOUR for $100...(Price for 2014 will be $150 per hour) ....Please text me for an appointment on Tel 0400900069 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.. Phone and Skype will be $5 per minute and Email Answers to One Question go to $55 in 2014... Plenty of time before Christmas still to purchase from the ETSY STORE ... www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR .. Blessings Love and Light to you all... Aurana

28 November 2013

CHRISTMAS almost Here for 2013.....

Hi ALL... Would like to direct you to my ETSY STORE www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR

07 November 2013

November 2013 Newsletter

THE HAND OF FATIMA or HAMSA as this Amulet is called precedes Christianity and Islam both.. It is considered to be an amulet of PROTECTION for the wearer...Believed by Muslims and Jews alike to protect from the Evil-Eye... Putting it out there for any of you who feel you need protection this month in any way.. Blessings, Love and Light I send you with it .... Due to requests for ongoing MEDITATION CLASSES I will be commencing the next FIVE week course on Wednesday Nov 13th 2013....Give me a call if you would like to learn how to meditate if you have never tried it before and for you seasoned meditators you may like to try my system of Chakra Alignment and Healing that comes with my classes in teaching you to go within and honour yourself and heal yourself... Classes are on the Gold Coast of Australia ... send me an email to aurana@ymail.com or give me a call on 0400900069 for enquiries and bookings.. READINGS ongoing at the same prices now for Three years until the end of December when they will have to go up in 2014....Get in before the price rises still a few weeks to go before the end of the year... REIKI and CRYSTAL Healing sessions still running also.. ANYTHING you want to ask more information on please contact me... Namaste !!! Aurana

02 October 2013

AURANA Newsletter October 2013

NAMASTE EVERYONE !! Only 12 weeks to Christmas which marks end of year for most people.. Please look at my ETSY Store for Gift Ideas from now on....Beautiful Original Treasures for loved ones and Wonderful pieces for yourselves also www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR Contact me directly at aurana@ymail.com to organise GIFT VOUCHERS for READINGS or REIKI Sessions... Either of these always very popular as Gifts All Year Round but Great at Christmas time... MEDITATION COURSES Start October 9th and 10th 6pm for an hour weekly for FIVE Weeks... Please call me on 0400900069 to book as bookings are essential !! For READINGS and REIKI just call for an appointment.. Blessings, Love and Light to you all ...

05 September 2013

AURANA Newsletter September 2013

SPRING is here...Gold Coast of Australia the sun is shining again after a very wet season... On offer for September are these gorgeous FLORAL GLASS PENDANTS on coloured Organza/Silk Cords $20 Each with Postage/Handling $6.50 within Australia...Paypal Payments aurana@ymail.com accepted... REIKI SPECIAL OFFER of $50 per session of 45 Mins continues also until the end of September... READINGS Face to Face ongoing until the end of 2013 at $120 for an hour and $70 for Half an Hour if you have seen me before...Please call or email for an appointment. SKPYE and PHONE Reading rates you can find on my facebook page in the "Shop Here" section..Click on the Red Logo to enter and purchase.. MEDITATION CLASSES are in Full swing with the next round commencing on Wed or Thurs 9th and 10th October..These are FIVE WEEK courses which require the full commitment to get the most benefits... Peace, Love and Light to you All... NAMASTE !! Aurana

07 August 2013


NAMASTE Everyone.. Love, Light, Happiness and Abundance to all.. Sending REIKI to anyone who may need it at present... Speaking of REIKI ...I am running a SPECIAL until the end of AUGUST 2013 offering a 45 Min REIKI SESSION for $50.. Please call through for an appointment.. TAROT READINGS continue at $120 for an hour with $70 for Half Hour for those who I have read before and just need to see me again.. Remember my stock of CRYSTALS featuring this month's new shipment of MALACHITE, CARNELIAN and SODALITE (Blue) in the form of LARGE TUMBLE STONES...Together with some wonderful CLEAR QUARTZ DOUBLE TERMINATOR Crystals also arrived. FOLLOW THE SUN WHEREVER IT MAY LEAD YOU... STAY HAPPY Until next Month...Blessings.. Aurana Blessings until next month...

30 June 2013

AURANA Newsletter July 2013

Greetings and Blessings for July Everyone, The NEW MOON has brought changes for many of you and for others plans for change that will probably be actioned very soon...Sow your seeds now, as it will all prepare for new growth in Spring with Harvesting in Summer... Good Luck with current and new paths for you... Meditation class NEW course starts on Wednesday 10th.July at 6pm for anyone who would like to join in the next five week course..Designed to re-align your Chakras and keep you Healthy, Calm and Content.. Readings and Reiki continue as usual ..just call me on 0400900069 for an appointment.. For Readers of my Newsletter for July I am Offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all purchases over $50 on my AURANA BAZAAR ETSY site ..Just mention JULY069 when you purchase in a reply email on Etsy Thankyou...Exciting things for sale now..being updated every day with NEW Stock...

02 June 2013

AURANA Newsletter June 2013

Namaste Everyone !! Winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere...June brings it in and with it GEMINI predominates.. Birthstone for this month is PEARL...Nice month to get yourselves some pearls girls... On OFFER for JUNE 2013 is a PACKAGE of READING with REIKI for $150.. I am finding clients getting Good Benefits in doing this..Any issues that may come out in your Reading can be Dissolved and Healed with the Reiki....One Hour Reading and 30 Mins Reiki is the package.. (Normally would be $190) Wanting also to guide you directly to my online store which is building up with Art, Gemstones, Collectables, Jewellery and much more...adding new things each week... Put it in your Bookmarks as it will be building up until the end of the year with stocks..

21 May 2013


Bookings still open for MAY 2013... If anyone is wanting a Reading please call 0400900069 Gold Coast Australia for the rest of May.... Blessings, Love and Light Aurana

AURANA has now linked FACEBOOK together with the ETSY Store for AURANA BAZAAR

Namaste !!! Welcome to my Pages... Lots of Wonderful Exciting Vintage Collectibles and Hand-Made AURANA BAZAAR continues on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Aurana-Bazaar/177296285632192 and also you can Purchase Items on www.etsy.com/shops/AURANABAZAAR

04 May 2013

GUIDED MEDITATION CLASSES - 5 Week Course - Commencing Wed May 15th 2013

Please contact me if you would like to join a select small group for Guided Meditations... The course runs for FIVE weeks payable in advance and is on Wednesdays at 6pm for One Hour... Each week is a different meditation designed to open and re-align your Chakras bringing balance and peace and harmony back into your lives...some experience healing in their Body, Mind and/or Spirit.. It is a gentle course suitable for all ages 18+ ... Blessings, love and Light

AURANA MAY 2013 Newsletter

MAY is here...Blessings for the May Day celebrations...Celtic "Beltane" preparing for the new by sorting through the old and reaping rewards by the end of the year or sooner... If you follow my Facebook Link you will now notice there is a RED "SHOP" Logo a the top of that page where you can now arrange for Readings Online with me...Face to Face via SKYPE...secure payment with Paypal... Also Gematria Charts can be ordered online and I am posting Worldwide FREE POSTAGE... Keep an eye out on the Facebook Page Shop as there will constantly be NEW Items appearing to add to the THREE services offered at present worldwide.. AURANA is wanting to expand Globally and this is a perfect way to do it..Travelling from my armchair so to speak and offering services exactly the same as if you were to come to see me personally.. MEDITATION Classes are ongoing for those of you who live on the Gold Coast of Australia...the next FIVE WEEK Course commences on the 15th May...please email or call if interested.. Blessings, Love and Light to you All.. Namaste..

10 April 2013

AURANA April 2013 Newsletter

THE PRIESTESS ...Art by Frieda Harris ...Thoth Deck Number II..Aleister Crowley... The Priestess is represented by the Moon-goddess ISIS, expressing her Spiritual nature here... We have a New Moon in Aries which is bringing New Beginnings... Action will bring Satisfaction by the Full Moon in October 2013... The Universe will support your choices...be happy and move now... IF Uncertain ...BOOK IN FOR A READING WITH AURANA... The Tarot Reading will give you insight into your issues and help you make decisions if you are faltering and uncertain...the guidance offered by the Tarot is indeed valuable for your inner vision... Blessings, Love and Light Aurana ~OM~

13 March 2013


Hello All, Guided MEDITATION CLASSES with me will re-commence after EASTER 2013.. FIVE WEEK COURSE .... Each Session is ONE HOUR duration... Two evenings to choose from... WEDNESDAY APRIL 3rd at 6pm or MONDAY APRIL 8TH at 6pm Please contact me on Tel:0400900069 or email aurana@ymail.com to book yourself in... Numbers are limited, so get in quickly.. Blessings, Love and Light ~~~ Aurana ~~~

10 March 2013


Envisaging a busy few weeks ahead for MARCH also remember we have EASTER this year at the end of this month for anyone planning a break this is a good time ... MERCURY RETROGRADE has been giving many of us the Impetus to go ahead and Clear Out anything no longer wanted in our lives and preparing for the new to come...... The NEW 5 WEEK SERIES of MEDITATION CLASSES will commence after Easter.. 1) Wednesday evenings at 6pm start on 3rd April 2013..... 2) Monday evenings at 6pm start on 8th April 2013..... Call and book in early as places fill quickly and of course the classes need YOU to book to go ahead.. The Meditation Classes are very good for anyone needing to get away from the stresses of life and also eliminating any personal problems from your life, or simply anyone wanting to relax and tune in more deeply to their Mind, Spirit and Bodies... Namaste !

20 February 2013

Tonight I held a GUIDED MEDITATION SESSION for a select few.... Concentrating on Cleansing and Re-Aligning the CHAKRAS... Relaxation and discussions followed.... Beautiful evening...Felt the Healing Namaste !!

08 February 2013


Well....February 2013 is here already !! AURANA is now a Home-Based Business and no longer on Chevron Island... Boonoorooo Park in Carrara 4211...Straight up Hooker Blvd from Broadbeach at Pacific Fair. SERVICES SAME AS USUAL.. Psychic / Tarot Readings Reiki and Chakra Clearing / Healing Crystal therapies, and Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) For Appointments please call Tel : 0400900069 VALENTINE's DAY is almost upon us and AURANA is offering A Beautiful Red Glass Heart Pendant on a 70cm Brass Chain..Normal price $39.50 SPECIAL PRICE FOR VALENTINE $25 plus $7 Post/handling See attached photos....

05 January 2013


As we enter 2013 and shed the controversy we all seemed to share in 2012 it is satisfying to know that we have a new year ahead Full of Hope, Full of Dreams and Full of Love... LOVE...Big word...many will think I don't have love in my life !! I am alone I do not have a partner...Remember to LOVE YOURSELF.. SELF-LOVE is so important for SUCCESS in your LIFE... LOVE is the road to HAPPINESS.. Think on it.. Namaste !

02 January 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE... I wish you HEALTH, HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE for 2013.. We have just entered a NEW AGE...THE GOLDEN AGE... Peace will reign and changes will be made... MAN will re-create himself for the Better... NAMASTE !!


Namaste !

I would love to meet you to do a Reading for you either Face to Face on the Gold Coast of Australia, on Skype or via Email.
I am a professional Tarot Reader of many years now and many people have gained deep insight for themselves through Readings.

I hold a Masters Degree of Metaphysics with the University of Metaphysics in Sedona and love my Healing and Spiritual work which gives many people relief and guidance with problems in their lives.

TO CONTACT ME EMAIL aurana@ymail.com
OR Ph: +61 0400900069 for an APPOINTMENT...

Ornella Michelini M.Msc.