02 December 2014

December 2014 Newsletter

Including this Beautiful Mandala made of Clear Quartz Crystals with an ANKH .. Cross and Symbol of Life.. Belt of ISIS .. in the centre. Preparations for Christmas are happening all around us... Time for Gift Giving.. sending Greeting Cards to loved ones far away and of course the Feasting also... Try to stay in GRATITUDE during this wonderful Festive Season and remember those less fortunate than ourselves and respect the Celebrations throughout All Religions during this time.. READINGS, REIKI HEALINGS, MEDITATIONS are available during the holidays for anyone in need.. Remember I am available on SKYPE and for PHONE READINGS also.. Paypal has an excellent fast service now for payments instant via email.. Take care during the build up to Christmas.. Peace Love and Light from now until then.. ~ Aurana ~

02 October 2014

AURANA Newsletter October 2014

Hello Everyone, We have had Super Full Moons, Sun Flares and Lots of Emotional Ups and Downs in the past few months.. Time for a BREAK... Nurturing Time for ourselves...Healing Time... October shows us NEW GROWTH in every way, just look about you and FEEL IT... On OFFER for this MONTH is A HEART HEALING SESSION..Great for anyone...It consists of Hands On Massage and Reiki Upper Body with Fragrant Essential Oils... Great Treatment for getting rid of Blockages, especially Emotional blockages and past Memories... Normally $150 on SPECIAL PRICE of $130 for October .. Contact me for an Appointment ... TAROT or ANGEL REALM READINGS are ongoing with CHRISTMAS PARTY FUNCTION Bookings being taken now....Minimum SIX people for a Party Booking ..Also keep in mind this is great for BIRTHDAYS etc.. Blessings, Love and Light...May all your Dreams Come True and May Love be always with you ~ Aurana ~

07 September 2014

SUPER FULL MOON September 8th 2014

SUPER FULL MOON Tonight September 8th 2014... A reminder to Put your Crystals out in the Moonlight to charge them and I also like to give them a Cleanse in Salt and Water and Light a Candle as I Pray and Set My Intentions.. NAMASTE and HAPPY FULL MOON ... ~ Aurana ~

01 September 2014

AURANA Newsletter September 2014

Hi Everyone...SPRING is here on the Gold Coast of Australia..Starting today..September 1st.. On offer for this month is a SPECIAL $100 ONE HOUR READING (Normally $150) if you call me and Book in within the next TEN DAYS.. Up until September 10th 2014...The Booking for the Reading can be anytime in September, but if cancelled or changed you will lose your discount !! CONTACT ME ON SKYPE OR PHONE 0400900069 (AUSTRALIA) to reserve your place.. Remember also that SPRING is a time for NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW GROWTH and is a great time to have a Personal Reading to give you guidance and assist you in Planning the best FOR YOU !! Also consider having a REIKI HEALING to re-align your CHAKRA system...Buy yourself some NEW CRYSTALS or CRYSTAL JEWELLERY..Go to my webpages on ETSY for a look at what is for sale or give me a call to come and see... For now sending you all Blessings, Love and Light... NAMASTE ! ~ Aurana ~

21 August 2014

ANCIENT EGYPT Connecting September 2014

Have some news for you all..On Sept 9th 2014 I will be interviewed by Carole J.Stokes "The Dream Specialist" on her Radio Show..It will be about how I started as a Psychic and what I have experienced along the way over the years to the work I am doing today with Readings and Crystals. I will be sending the link out in my next newsletter for September 2014, but if you want to go and listen to other people's interviews with Carole recorded previously go to http://www.creatingcalmnetwork.com/dream-time.html For Now....Peace, Love and Light ... ~ Aurana ~ NAMASTE !!

06 August 2014

AURANA August 2014 Newsletter

GANESHA is represented here... The remover of Obstacles... I am sending him out to you all for the month of AUGUST 2014 to assist you in being successful in your endeavors in whatever area you are working towards in your lives...His trunk is to the Left, that is the direction for success fro Ganesha..We pray for WORLD PEACE that it may reach all the far corners of the Earth and bring peace and love to those in need...May Ganesha be instrumental in helping achieve this for them...especially in War torn zones. Back at home we are all fighting for something in our daily lives..May Ganesha help make it easier and point us in the right direction to obtain Success. Please call me for any guidance and for TAROT/PSYCHIC READINGS ~ ANGEL REALM READINGS ~ MEDITATION CLASSES ~ REIKI HEALING ~ CRYSTAL THERAPY ~ Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

06 July 2014

AURANA July 2014 Newsletter

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL for this month "Self Respect" to remind you to LOVE, HONOR and VALUE yourself in July and always... The winter chills have arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia, so Meditation Classes are going to be earlier at 5pm instead of 6pm followed by Hot Cups of Herbal Tea...Want to join in email or text me to book in...... A reminder to go to my FB page AURANA BAZAAR for the most wonderful crystals to either buy or just get info on their properties..Updated regularly... and, for those of you who need some support at any time go to my FB page AURANA PSYCHIC AND TAROT READINGS where you can comment or ask questions...I am on there daily. Love Light and Blessings to you all ... Aurana

31 May 2014

AURANA June 2014 Newsletter REALM READINGS

Hi Again.... First day of Winter in Australia and already the Gold Coast is cold and rainy.. Main feature of this Newsletter is to inform you all that I am now also a CERTIFIED REALM READER with Doreen Virtue... In other words, I am now qualified to tell you which Angel Realm you come from .. How you can use this to understand yourself better .. How you can use this information you will get from a REALM READING to know what work suits you best and of course .. How you can resolve RELATIONSHIP ISSUES and what to look for in a partner... Naturally for those of you who are still happy with your TAROT READINGS these continue on as usual also... Prices are available upon request for Readings .. You can email me on aurana@ymail.com or call me on +61 400900069 Blessings, Love and Light ... Aurana

02 May 2014

AURANA : Newsletter May 2014

The recent Eclipse has turned a lot of us upside down and around quite a bit...Remember the time for CHANGE is NOW ...Sweep away the old and bring in the NEW... Readings, Reiki, Meditation classes are all ongoing..please contact me if in need of any of these services this month.. HOUSE CLEARINGS on Special for May also...Call for a quote depending on size of house/apartment.. Blessings, Love and Light and Special prayers for those close or far who have departed from us and for those left behind here on earth to face the challenges that confront us.. Namaste !!

01 April 2014


APRIL has come very quickly this year and in a couple of weeks it is EASTER again !!! Blessings for this annual event and celebrations with many different religious ceremonies going on all over the world... CRYSTAL...Beautiful Clear Quartz Crystal bringing clarity into your life together with the Major Sun Flares and Stellar Cross this month... Go to www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR to see many different things for sale amongst them some wonderful CLEAR CRYSTAL PENDULUMS and DOUBLE TERMINATORS.. Blessings, Love and Light to you all ... ~ Aurana ~

02 March 2014

AUTUMN in AUSTRALIA ~ AURANA Newsletter March 2014

Hi Everyone...Enjoy my Art that I am sharing with you ERTE's AUTUMN on a platter in DECOUPAGE I made a while back.. It is for sale in my ETSY store www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR.... The Autumn Leaves falling down..Significant of change and NEW Growth soon... Apply this to your lives at present...Eliminate the Old and Unwanted and prepare for the NEW... On OFFER for this MONTH OF MARCH 2014 only is a 20% Discount for READINGS and REIKI .. Either or both by Appointment please on Tel : 0400900069 ONE HOUR SESSIONS.. Readings normally $150 will be $120..Reiki normally $75 will be $60 The discounts are going through to the ETSY Store also on ALL PURCHASES made before 31st March 2014 and you will need to enter the Code "MARCH2014" to process the Discount... Blessings, love and Light to you all.. Namaste Aurana

19 January 2014

JANUARY 2014 Newsletter

Wishing everyone a Wonderful 2014.. YEAR OF THE HORSE...Rats be aware that it could be up and down at times... However the general feeling is that 2014 will be a really good year... LOVE, LIGHT and BLESSINGS to you all.. ~ Aurana ~


Namaste !

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