01 December 2015

December 2015 AURANA Newsletter

December is here again... Christmas is around the corner and a New Year beckons.. Let's make it Full of Love and Light and set our intentions accordingly. TURQUOISE is the Birthstone for this month and as many of you know it is a strong stone when dealing with Communication and the Throat Chakra .. Speak up for yourself and make 2016 an even stronger and better year ahead for you.. Adding a photo for you of Turquoise in natural state if you want to download and use as your background page on your computer or phones.. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DEAL ... $50 GIFT VOUCHERS available for yourself or anyone you would like to gift a HALF HOUR READING with 3 Questions answered ... ( Normally $80 ) ... These Vouchers are for Sale until 25th December 2015 and will be valid until 25th January 2016. I have been Attuned to MASTER REIKI status now and feel my energies are stronger than ever if anyone would like a REIKI SESSION please call me for an appointment $75 One hour duration. Looking forward very much to our trip to BALI 12th-19th March 2016 when Elizabeth and I will share our insights, experience, wisdom and psychic gifts with you... Please join us, it will truly be memorable and a great trip for all... Attaching an EBrochure for you to look at.. Booking Now !! Blessings, Love and Light for the Festive Season ~ Aurana ~

22 November 2015


DR. MIKAO USUI has passed such a gift onto us all.... From Master to Master to student to clients ... It is a true Healing Modality, bringing also Peace and Relaxation... The Universal Life Energy is a miraculous Force for all of us utilise for ourselves and for others once initiated into the mystery Symbols of Reiki... AURANA is a MASTER REIKI PRACTITIONER... Appointments for Reiki Sessions with Hands On are available by appointment with her by email request aurana@ymail.com or Ph: 0400900069 .. Working on the Gold Coast of Australia ... Also available for Remote Reiki Sessions Internationally... Skype : AURANA Blessings. Love and Light

17 November 2015


MARCH 12th to 19th 2016 ... We are going to Bali for 8 days of Bliss and Relaxation ... would you like to join Elizabeth Van Den Broek and AURANA for a truly memorable event ... For information on what we have planned for you, what to expect with prices and daily activities, please send a request email to spiritualpathwaysjourneys@yahoo.com or look for our Advertisement in the next issue of the INNER SELF Newspaper coming your way very soon.. Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

04 November 2015

AURANA November 2015 Newsletter

Birthstone for November is CITRINE or TOPAZ.. In natural form it is not easy to distinguish the difference... Topaz being the more precious of the two... Citrine brings Success and Prosperity and Topaz is balancing and calming... A nice combo to have around for this month leading up to end of the year... I have attached pictures of the two for you to download onto your computer and maybe use as wallpaper for November.. The Topaz is the best for this... I am doing my MASTER REIKI transition currently... Energies are very high and very healing... Consider coming for a session.. $75 One Hour.. You will feel amazingly relaxed after it and it will clear your Chakras and balance you. In Love and Light Aurana

08 October 2015

Newsletter October 2015 from Aurana

ASCENSION seems to be the big word lately.. What does it all mean ? If you have been following my Psychic page on Facebook you will see a few posts from Elizabeth Farrimond who connects with Chanellers all over the world ..Many messages have come through indicating the changes in and around us.. You may have noticed these changes during and after the last Full Blood Moon we had..Scientists have proved our DNA is changing..we are experiencing a quickening in all areas..take time to rest and re-group your thinking and your lives and go onto bigger and better things to come... Blessings, Love and Light to you All..... October's Birthstone is Tourmaline or Opal...I prefer Tourmaline so am attaching a photo for you for this month to admire and absorb the qualities this stone offers....Tourmaline is specifically used to treat motion sickness...also Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, providing protection during ritual work. It can be used for scrying, and was traditionally used to point out a cause of trouble or an offender, and to indicate a good direction in which to move....Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day helps release stress, worries, depression and anxiety..

14 September 2015


WELCOME to my blab today on SPIRITUAL PATHWAYS .... Shared the chat with Tetka Rhu who is also a Psychic Artist .... I chatted about how I found my Spiritual Pathway and the experiences that led me to it, how I have changed as a result of it and what I now use it for... being to help people with finding their own Peace, their own spiritual pathway through Travel Journeys...Tarot Readings... Chakra Balancing... Reiki Healings... and a range of Workshops locally in Australia and Overseas during the Travel breaks... In LOVE and LIGHT ~ AURANA ~

08 September 2015


BIRTHSTONE for this month is SAPPHIRE... BLUE also relates strongly to the THIRD EYE CHAKRA....Our Centre of Intuition and Understanding. Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and are highly effective for the speedy and positive resolution of legal matters and issues concerning justice. Since Blue Sapphire was traditionally worn when treaties were signed, wear or carry even a small piece of it when signing contracts or payment negotiations. As a professional support stone, Sapphire provides awareness of higher principles in archeologists and historians, stimulates the mind and wisdom in executives, ministers and writers, and increases discernment and good judgment in journalists and lawyers. Enjoy wearing it for the month of September. Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

16 August 2015

BALI 2015 - October Spiritual Pathways Journey

Welcome to join with us on what will be a Personal Empowering Journey and also a Healing Journey for those who are choosing to travel with us this coming October 2015.. Staying in a 4 STAR + Resort in NUSA DUA right on one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia.. All amenities and great swimming pool.. 8 DAYS of BLISS and SPIRITUALITY with DAILY MEDITATIONS, WORKSHOPS, FREE TIME FOR SHOPPING, TEMPLE VISITS and much much more... If you want more information...Please contact me at aurana@ymail.com and I will send you the Brochure with prices, tours etc etc ... Blessings, Love and Light Aurana

05 August 2015

NEWSLETTER for August 2015

Blessings, Love and Light to All for August... This month's Birthstone is PERIDOT.. See pictures attached.. It is a stunning stone..Increases Prosperity and Happiness.. Shades from Green to Yellow Green are the brightest and the best for my liking.. It acts also as a cleansing and a healing stone and relieves stress and anger.. Gorgeous as a Pendant or worn as a ring... We are well into the second half of 2015 and if you feel you still have not achieved what you set out to do earlier in the year.. GO FOR IT NOW !!! September and Spring always bring new growth.. I am putting out feelers for a Group Tour to Bali in October 2015.. It will be a Spiritual Tour with Meditations, Workshops, Massages, Shopping time, Visits to Temples and much much more..Looking at 8 days for now.. Please let me know if interested in receiving more information as we are working on prices, dates and itinerary now.. Cheers for now Aurana

08 July 2015

JULY 2015 Newsletter from Aurana

Hi Everyone, Would like to Update you with what AURANA does ONLINE .. ~ An Etsy Shop where you can buy Crystals and other goodies.. AURANABAZAAR on Etsy link below... ~ A Facebook page for learning about Crystals and their qualities and healing abilities.. Aurana Bazaar on facebook link below... and, ~ A Facebook page for Positive Affirmations to keep you all going along your path in life.. Aurana Psychic and Tarot Readings on facebook link below... ~ The Blogspot is for General Public enquiries and Newsletters Monthly.. link below I also do Phone and Skype Readings if you are unable to see me personally, and Email Readings which consist of a 3 Card Tarot Reading with One Question answered in detail for yourself...It is not an automated system, each Reading is very personalised.. From this month of July onwards, I will give you a Crystal relating to each CHAKRA and information on how you can use this crystal for Healing yourself.. This month I will start at the BASE CHAKRA and bring in BLACK OBSIDIAN... A shiny black glassy crystal of volcanic origin.. It is a very strong stone and should be used with caution as it can bring Negative Emotions to the surface which will need to be dealt with before healing can occur..It is a very protective stone and will form a shield against negativity..Can be used on the Base Chakra to absorb and to ground .. Love and Light Aurana

05 June 2015

AURANA Newsletter JUNE 2015

GEMINI ...DUALITY...YIN and YANG ... It's all happening this month for GEMINIS ... Feel the energy shifts with the recent STRAWBERRY MOON phase we have just gone through...Things are starting to happen...MAKE them HAPPEN.... Remember this is what you want...Manifest it and work on it and it will be yours... For the month of JUNE 2015 I am offering ALL GEMINIS a TAROT READING for $120 for One hour ..This service is normally $150 ... Geminis LOVE BARGAINS... Come on go for it !!! Call me for an early appointment now in June and get some guidance for all that is happening around you... Remember I also do REIKI, HEART HEALINGS and so many beautiful CRYSTAL Goodies on my ETSY page for sale... Go to www.etsy.com/shop/AURANABAZAAR Blessings, Love and Light to all for June Aurana

04 May 2015

AURANA Newsletter May 2015

EMERALD is the Birthstone for May... A Stone of EMPOWERMENT and STRENGTH ... I also liken this deep green to NATURE... Work with this during May and strengthen your Natural Gifts to Empower your lives... On a Spiritual level is is also a Stone of LOVE and relates to the HEART CHAKRA..It brings Healing and Love into your life ..the Ancients revered this stone and it was used on the breastplates of High Priests.. Look into your Hearts for May and Nurture Love back into your Hearts if you feel you have lost it, and if you feel you have Love in your lives already...SPREAD IT AROUND ... Heart Healing Sessions with AURANA on special for MAY...check with me when times are available if you want an extra boost this month... Readings and Reiki always ongoing, please contact me for an appointment.. Blessings, Love and Light Aurana

01 April 2015

APRIL 2015 Newsletter

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.... Blessings, Love and Light for the Season.... Don't forget the FULL BLOOD MOON in a few days..April 4th to be exact...Get those CRYSTALS CHARGED and prepare for the changes the new moon will bring and prepare for the new energies together with it... Good time for planning Business and Personal changes...Please remember all the work I am doing to help keep you all on track and guide you through hard times..READINGS> REIKI> STAR REALM READINGS> HEART HEALINGS> RUNE INTERPRETATIONS> ASTROLOGY CHART PERSONALISED>>>> Call for an appointment or email me a request.. Rememeber also to follow me on Facebook I am working over Easter so come and pamper yourself or get some MEDITATION in with me...

11 March 2015

MARCH 2015 Newsletter

EGYPT comes to mind for this month ... The GODDESS ISIS ... The Mother Protector ... ISIS as the GREAT PHYSICIAN ... To be HEALED is SACRED ... I am doing a few healing sessions this month... Autumn in Australia..The leaves are falling and nature is getting rid of all the Dead Leaves and Dead Wood ... We also should be De-Toxing our Bodies of any unwanted Dead Cells.. Bookings for REIKI SESSIONS for an Hour are priced at $70 and are a Wonderful Relaxing experience as you Let Go and Let you Body be Healed.. Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

02 February 2015

Newsletter Feb 2015 FREE Give away with One Hour Reading

FREE ROSE QUARTZ HEART on a FINE SILVER CHAIN on Offer for the month of FEBRUARY 2015 with each booking made for a ONE HOUR READING ($150) ... The Gift is valued at $50 in my store... Call me on Tel: 0400900069 for a booking or Text Message for a Booking also and I will get back to you ASAP. Be quick as bookings will fill up fast with this one... ROSE QUARTZ will Bring Love into your Life..It will Hold Love in your Life and It will Heal your Heart if it has been broken.... This Crystal ATTRACTS LOVE... Blessings, Love and Light ~ Aurana ~

13 January 2015

Message from AURANA January 2015

JANUARY 2015 is the time to LET GO of ANYTHING THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU !!! Live in Light and Love for 2015...Be patient and kind to all around you and if confronted with harsh words or behaviour...LET IT GO !!!

09 January 2015

January 2015 Newsletter

I WISH FOR YOU IN 2015 .... HAPPINESS.. LOVE and ABUNDANCE !!! Time to turn your life around ...The new Full Moon at the beginning of this year has all the energies we need to START ANEW...Clearing away every that is longer usefull to you...and that means EVERYTHING that you no longer want in your life......Bad Relationships with people that are unkind to you or who don't love you as you need to be loved need to be resolved...Work issues that don't suit you...Foods that are not good for you... ALL NEED TO GO.....Cleanse..Cleanse..Cleanse as much as you can to see the new year in to make your life Full of Love and Happiness... Good Luck to you All.. Remember to call for a NEW YEAR READING to see what your Highlights will be for 2015... SKYPE...PHONE...FACE to FACE whatever suits you best...Call on TEL: 0400900069 within Australia or +61 400900069 International ...SKYPE : AURANA


Namaste !

I would love to meet you to do a Reading for you either Face to Face on the Gold Coast of Australia, on Skype or via Email.
I am a professional Tarot Reader of many years now and many people have gained deep insight for themselves through Readings.

I hold a Masters Degree of Metaphysics with the University of Metaphysics in Sedona and love my Healing and Spiritual work which gives many people relief and guidance with problems in their lives.

TO CONTACT ME EMAIL aurana@ymail.com
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Ornella Michelini M.Msc.