01 December 2015

December 2015 AURANA Newsletter

December is here again... Christmas is around the corner and a New Year beckons.. Let's make it Full of Love and Light and set our intentions accordingly. TURQUOISE is the Birthstone for this month and as many of you know it is a strong stone when dealing with Communication and the Throat Chakra .. Speak up for yourself and make 2016 an even stronger and better year ahead for you.. Adding a photo for you of Turquoise in natural state if you want to download and use as your background page on your computer or phones.. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DEAL ... $50 GIFT VOUCHERS available for yourself or anyone you would like to gift a HALF HOUR READING with 3 Questions answered ... ( Normally $80 ) ... These Vouchers are for Sale until 25th December 2015 and will be valid until 25th January 2016. I have been Attuned to MASTER REIKI status now and feel my energies are stronger than ever if anyone would like a REIKI SESSION please call me for an appointment $75 One hour duration. Looking forward very much to our trip to BALI 12th-19th March 2016 when Elizabeth and I will share our insights, experience, wisdom and psychic gifts with you... Please join us, it will truly be memorable and a great trip for all... Attaching an EBrochure for you to look at.. Booking Now !! Blessings, Love and Light for the Festive Season ~ Aurana ~

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